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Mike Smith

Mike Smith
Chief Technology Officer/Chief Architect

As Chief Technology Officer/Chief Architect for Argus, Michael Smith oversees all activities related to the application of analytics to improve decision-making. His experience in the design and delivery of complex analytical systems that improve decision making and strategic planning has made him a valuable addition to the Argus organization.

Prior to joining Argus, Smith was Chief Software Architect for Strategic Analytics, a company that provides analytical software and services to the retail lending community. He was instrumental in leading software design as well as developing client relationships with major lenders. In addition, he taught courses in complex systems analysis and portfolio modeling to top retail lenders around the world. Smith designed the software application architecture for a product suite used to analyze and forecast retail credit portfolios based on nonlinear dynamics including natural customer lifecycles, environmental/economic effects and individual customer characteristics. His work has resulted in several patents in the area of retail lending.

Smith’s background also includes a senior role with the Center for Adaptive Systems Applications (CASA), where he designed and deployed banking simulations for Citicorp, and with Motorola in their Government Electronics Group where he led development of real-time intelligence applications for use by the United States Military.

He has a BS in Computer Science from Colorado State University with a specialization in machine learning. He also attended Arizona State University to pursue an interdisciplinary degree in psychoacoustics with a focus on computer modeling of the human auditory system.

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